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To get the most out of the automation of EAM issues, we work together with an extensive network of partners. We strongly believe in working together to realize even better results. We have various types of partners in our partner network: implementation, business integration and advice. It goes without saying that our partners work to the same high quality standards that you are used to from us.

Implementation Partners
Connecting specific industry knowledge with people, processes and the Ultimo software, is the value of Ultimo’s certified implementation partners. Please find out which partner has experience in your industry, or become a partner.
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Technology Partners
By connecting our software to new technologies, Asset Management becomes even more predictable, accessible and cost-effective. Check the partners which we integrate with, or become a partner.
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Knowledge partners
To provide you with more specific advice on the operational processes, we work with several external knowledge partners. These partners are specialized in a specific vertical or aspect of Asset Management, to offer customized consultancy or advice.
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By cooperating with local resellers from Ultimo, we are able to serve our customers with a local point of contact. This means a faster and more familiar way to Ultimo support at their own supplier.
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Why become an Ultimo partner?

In the world of Ultimo, asset management processes and the software they require take centre stage. We develop software for managing all types of assets. We have been active in over 2000 organizations both home and abroad since 1988. And we have now grown to become the number 1 flexible Enterprise Asset Management Cloud platform.. With one purpose. Providing our customers with crucial information. So they can give the proper response.

As an Ultimo partner, you benefit from:

  • our excellent reputation when it comes to Enterprise Asset Management;
  • our state-of-the-art EAM Cloud software based on world-class technology;
  • our extensive network that keeps expanding globally.

Let’s take that extra step toward success together. Please contact us if you want to become a partner and become part of our world. The world of Ultimo.

Ultimo Solution
Type of Integration
Type of Partner
Accruent / Meridian

Meridan software, a tool for all engineering documents and drawings that creates configurable workflows which streamline collaboration between departments.

Type of Integration: Document Management System (DMS)

Additude, with head office in Malmö, Sweden, is part of ICT Group. ICT Group is a leading European industrial technology solutions provider.


AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, drives digital transformation for industrial organisations managing complex operational processes.

Type of Integration: Other

Together with Axians we help our clients to futher improve there processes around Asset Management. We have developed an interface between Ultimo and Meastro. The goal of this is to realize CbM an PdM by working together and share information about all Assets. Furthermore Axians can integrate Augmented Reality within the workorder proces of Ultimobile. This creates more information and knwolegde sharing and helps organiszations to improve the productivity of there workforce. Interested in this solution or the possibilities for your organisation please contact Sales Ultimo. For more information about Axians you can visit there website or can put you in contact with someone from Axians

Type of Integrations: AR/VR, Internet of Things (IoT)
Ultimo verticals: Government & Infra, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities
DNA Stream

DNASTREAM – we make Technology useful. Founded in 2006, Our mission is to deliver sustainable business benefit from enterprise solutions. We make sure Customer projects are properly planned and executed but just as importantly, we ensure that stakeholders embrace the process of change and end users are fully equipped and motivated to adopt new technology.

Ultimo verticals: Manufacturing, Utilities
Drücker Steuerungssysteme

With the development of industrial automation and control solutions, Drücker enable the realization of complex plants worldwide. Drücker has established itself as leading company programming Digital Services for industry solutions serving customers in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, infrastructure, semiconductor, food & beverage and energy

Ultimo verticals: Government & Infra, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities

Endress+Hauser is a leading global provider of measurement instrumentation, services and automation solutions for industrial process engineering. They have clients in various sectors, including chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, energy, primaries & metal, oil & gas and water.

Type of Integration: Other

Esri is a global market leader in technology for geographical information systems: GIS. Over 350,000 organisations work with Esri's innovative technology every day.

Type of Integration: GIS

Evresys offers a modern cloud platform that collects data about the location and status of people and assets. With Evresys' technology, companies always know exactly where people or materials can be found.


Exact is the business software market leader in the Benelux. They support the automation of accountancy, financial, ERP, HR and CRM processes. They also offer industry-specific solutions to fully manage all business processes.

Type of Integration: ERP
EZ Factory

EZ Factory is a technology company that develops apps for industry, focused on continuous improvement. Developed by operators and for operators, the EZ-GO app empowers them to increase and secure safety, quality and efficiency results within their production environment. The simple and highly visual app is used in factories to create an overview of all planned autonomous maintenance tasks, standardize checklists and visualize audits. In addition, the app offers the possibility to set up work instructions, training of (new) operators and initiate improvement actions to address deviations from the standard and prevent recurrence.

Type of Integration: Other

FireServiceRota checks real-time the availability of on-call fire brigades and warns ahead in case of understaffing. This way, crew members always know when they can change their duty roster. And supervisors always know what the available resources are at any given time.

Type of Integration: Other
Fluke Biomedical

Ultimo and Fluke Biomedical partner to help healthcare organizations improve efficiency. Fluke Biomedical OneQA is an industry-leading quality assurance platform that integrates with biomedical test tools and software systems.


Since 2004, FullFact Solutions has been passionate about supporting production companies with their OEE Toolkit Suite and Service. These help finding, visualising and eliminating hidden losses in their production facilities.

Type of Integration: Other

Gemvision is an innovative software company from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, that differentiates itself by offering a cloud-based, off the shelve Communication Platform as a Service (CPAAS). The platform’s communication features are enhanced with augmented reality technology that allow the user to deliver next-level remote support.

Type of Integration: AR/VR

Go4Logistics use their broad experience in the transport and logistics sector to develop solutions for transport and logistics companies.

Ultimo vertical: Logistics
ICT Group

The combination of the Ultimo asset management platform and the HoloNXT solution of ICT Group gives you the intelligent visualisation of work orders and instructions together with all relevant data and information right with the asset itself.


INOTEAM is a service provider and a system integrator located in France dedicated to EAM & APM business.


IP-Solutions supports and optimises technical and financial performance of installation management. Ranging from strategic evaluation to executing projects. IP-Solutions has expertise and know-how of the complete field of ‘Asset Management'.


The ISM method helps IT organisations, but also Medical Technology organisations for example, to demonstrably better structure their way of working and services.

JFC & Associates

JFC & Associates is a world leader in integrating Enterprise Asset Management, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.


Hardware, software and users can be operational at any time and at any location. This is what makes an IT environment so enormously dynamic and often very complex. Lansweeper provides an IT Asset Management System that monitors all IT assets in your network.

Type of Integration: Other

Logitek has more than 30 years of experience offering technology solutions and operational consulting associated with industrial environments, infrastructure and smart cities. It advises its client how to optimally manage the generation and exploitation of information in real time.

MAAK Techniek

MAAK Techniek is a consulting agency in the Northern Netherlands. MAAK Techniek make a difference by giving the customer control over maintenance.


Mainnovation is a prestigious consulting agency specialised in Maintenance and Asset Management. We are the founders of VDMXL, a globally recognised methodology for Value-Driven Maintenance & Asset Management.


Malamute promotes the implementation of a data culture. This is done by helping manufacturing facilities unlock data, understand data, and make and execute data-driven decisions. Malamute and Ultimo help production companies make data-driven decisions.


MaxGrip is one of the frontrunners in Asset Performance Management (APM), and optimisation of maintenance strategies. MaxGrip helps companies to fully benefit from the potential of digital industrial transformation.

MCP Consulting

MCP Consulting, winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2016, is a UK based consultancy firm offering Asset Management consultancy and training services to global clients on a worldwide basis.


Since 2011, Meditain has been offering care facilities a helping hand with medical technology issues. Meditain helps care facilities to realise coherence between policy, required strategy and an effective implementation in the organisation.

Ultimo vertical: Healthcare

The Ultimo software is very easy to link to Dynamics 365, Microsoft's ERP system. With this link, you can now shape your complete Asset Management in Ultimo. You can also very easily integrate the financial and logistical processes surrounding it with your Dynamics 365. To do so, Ultimo has made several connectors available on the Power Platform. The Ultimo software is run fully from Microsoft Azure and uses Power BI to create comprehensive dashboards.


OBI4wan offers award-winning solutions and services for reputation management, action-oriented insights from data, customer experience, chatbots and AI.

Type of Integration: Other
Our City App

Thanks to the integration between Ultimo and the Our City App, you can offer the customised service today's world requires.

Type of Integration: Other

PLAYMAX is a partner for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and interactive 3D content. This is the next step in a rapidly evolving world. Together with clients and partners, they convert ideas into groundbreaking solutions for both business and consumer markets.

Type of Integration: Internet of Things (IoT)

Pontifexx's mission is to improve technical services in the industry so the availability of equipment is guaranteed and work can be done more safely. Pontifexx is the personal consultation agency that uses their various services to connect and improve.

Ultimo vertical: Manufacturing
Royal HaskoningDHV

Royal HaskoningDHV, leading in independent international engineering and project management consultancy for more than 137 years. Our expertise, partnerships and innovations contribute to a better society and we make the lives of large groups of people around the world smarter, safer and healthier.


SAP is immerged in the current technological revolution. Market leader for business applications, SAP helps organisations to manage complexities, create new chances for innovation and growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Type of Integration: ERP
Scan Sys

Scan Sys has gained a very strong position in the automated processing of invoices and documents; fully integrated with financial, ERP and TMS applications in the mid-market segment.

Type of Integration: Other
Spacewell O-Prognose

Spacewell O-Prognose is market leader in the field of software for condition assessment and long-term maintenance planning (LTMP) in the Netherlands.


As the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communication, SPIE supports its customers to design, build, operate and maintain systems like network systems and building installations.


Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. They deliver qualified services in engineering and architectural consultancy.


The partnership of Ultimo and Talenco lets customers focus on their core activities. Ultimo's part in the partnership is offering the software while Talenco has the technological knowledge to make sure this system meets the needs of the customer.


Tecsa S.r.l. is a consulting company, founded in 1979, which operates both nationally and internationally in the field of safety, environment, fire protection, safety management systems and forensic engineering. Tecsa S.r.l. mainly operates from its offices (HQs) located in Pero (Milan) – Italy. Over the years the company became a point of reference in the european panorama of industrial & process safety, functional safety, performance based fire engineering, fire protection systems design and asset integrity & management.


The powerful Identity Governance & Administration solutions of Tools4ever include all functionalities necessary to streamline the entire process regarding the management of the authentication and authorisation of users.

Type of Integration: Other

Ureason is a software company that supports both asset owners and equipment vendors (OEM’s) with real-time condition monitoring, predictive and prescriptive maintenance.


Vibber is an expert in the field of Asset Management. Vibber focuses on the management of fleets and machine parks through outsourcing or implementation. Vibber maps the required processes for the best possible implementation. Vibber then optimises and records these processes.

Ultimo vertical: Logistics

XMReality develops and sells solutions that revolutionise knowledge transfer through so-called Augmented Reality (AR). The company is a market leader in remote guidance where you guide a person on site via AR to solve problems or prevent them from occurring.

Type of Integration: AR/VR
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