Maintenance and sustainability

O-Prognose delivers solutions to effectively plan long-term maintenance and sustainability. Ultimo’s EAM software helps technical, facilities, IT and safety departments gain more control over their assets and the related work processes. Following previous collaborations, the two companies have now decided to integrate each other’s solutions.

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo, said: “We put a great deal of effort into expanding our partnerships, so that our partner solutions add new value for our customers. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Spacewell O-Prognose. O-Prognose has a leading position in the long-term maintenance and condition assessment market. In contrast, the basic data regarding buildings, equipment and work order management has its place in Ultimo as part of the overall asset management. An increasing number of organisations outsource inspections and budget creation, and we see that most inspectors prefer to use O-Prognose. By integrating these applications, we combine the best of both worlds. Our partnership enables our customers to have access to a complete solution, where the specific functionality regarding LTMP and condition assessment is provided by O-Prognose’s specialised software.”

Overall solution for asset management and maintenance

Sjoerd Aalders, Director Sales O-Prognose at Spacewell, added: “O-Prognose is an expert solution designed to give our customers more options to share their data in dashboards or their primary system. In various market segments, we’ve seen Ultimo as a leading EAM system. With this partnership, we further expand our vision and address the wishes of our joint customers by providing an integrated overall solution for asset management and maintenance. Ultimo is the foundation where buildings and assets are registered. It is also used to register maintenance reports and complaints. By linking buildings and assets, planned maintenance activities can be transferred from O-Prognose to Ultimo. This gives the customer a complete overview of both corrective and planned maintenance. The data can then be provided to suppliers for a complete overview of the costs and required budgets.”

About O-Prognose by Spacewell

O-Prognose is a total solution for effective building management. Our user-friendly software helps your organisation manage your building inspections and long-term maintenance plans (LTMP) in a sustainable, clear and cost-effective way. You can use it to prepare and plan tasks, support the daily management, organise inspections before purchasing, and draw up management reports.

Spacewell, which is part of the Nemetschek Group, is a technology and consulting company that helps its customers all over the world to improve the performance of their building portfolios. Our main goal is making buildings work better for their users by collecting and processing building data. We help our customers optimise their facilities services and create flexible, future-proof workstations to support various activities and working methods. We are convinced that technology should tackle real challenges and realise scenarios with a fast ROI. So our solutions are based on significant domain expertise in building management. Our solutions are built by us and are organically integrated with each other across the different domains. They are also built with the most recent IoT technology to make buildings smarter for their users.

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