After partnering with Ultimo in 2021, many of its customers now use Ultimo’s EAM platform. David Cocquyt, Project Manager at Talenco, shares his thoughts about the partnership:

Ultimo enhances quality of solutions

“We often come across companies that either do not have an asset management system or their current system leaves room for improvement. By partnering with Ultimo, we can provide our customers with access to an asset management solution that is relatively easy to implement and can be used in a broad industrial context. For us, focusing on quality is key, and Ultimo is the perfect tool for enhancing the quality of our solutions. It is so straightforward to use that selling is also easy – the product speaks for itself.

Growth thanks to partnership

The partnership has increased our brand awareness, put us in contact with prospects and created new opportunities. Currently, we are experiencing growth particularly in the food industry, thanks to the partnership.

Crucial support during partnership

My advice for companies considering partnering with Ultimo would be to ensure that the solution is a good fit for your service offering. For us, it was simple as we are a service organization, and Ultimo sells a license for a product. I would also encourage businesses to make the most of Ultimo’s resources. The company has a very strong sales organization, which has been crucial in supporting the launch of our partnership. So, if you go into business with them, make the most of that. They can advise you well on what works and what doesn’t, which campaigns you can run, and so on. All this will only benefit you.”

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